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Helping startups scale

Sales Strategy - Sales Operations - Sales Enablement

"An instrumental part of Syft's success. Incredibly valuable.

His expertise ensured we were set up for scaling."

Novo Abakare, Co-Founder, Syft

 Acquired by

SiliconGrowth knows startups. 

Sales Strategy - Sales Ops - Sales Enablement

We design sales strategies that deliver results.  We equip sales teams for success and create efficient and effective sales practices, embedded through hands-on leadership.

Every project deserves a bespoke solution

There is no Q5

Everyone knows...

     "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

And everyone in sales knows...

     "There is no Q5."

Let SiliconGrowth design a plan that beats your goals - on time!

Wristbands - sharp.jpg


Patrick Traynor



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