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About SiliconGrowth

I'm Patrick Traynor, SiliconGrowth's Founding Consultant.

I started SiliconGrowth to help Founders, CEOs and Sales Leaders solve the challenges of scaling their tech startups.


My expertise is in Sales Strategy, Sales Operations and Sales Enablement. I'm here to help you scale your business, as I've done repeatedly for SaaS / marketplace startups and scale ups.


My career Driving Change

Driving change has been a central theme in the sales propositions I've led.

  • e-Learning, big data, social media, the gig economy and customer analytics.

  • I've been a startup's first salesperson, manager or VP on 11 occasions.

  • I led high-growth, tech sales teams, selling new products into new markets.

This experience is invaluable for startups.

  • 25+ sales engagements completed

  • 6 times an Advisory Board member or lead sales advisor for investment.

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Driving Change

"Patrick is a joy to work with; a great and inspiring sales leader, he completely transformed how my team approaches sales. The outcome has been great - we're closing more deals than ever before and are breaking records each month!"

Raoul Tawadey, CEO,


My story Scaling LinkedIn

I was LinkedIn's 1st salesperson outside the US, pioneering sales of their Talent Solutions platform and leading EMEA's most successful enterprise new business team through many consecutive years of over-achievement.  

LinkedIn looks simple now, but for years selling a new product, in a new market, that required buyers to change, meant solving numerous sales challenges in ways that could scale rapidly.

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Scaling LinkedIn

"I worked with Patrick for 6 years. He is both a gifted sales leader and a deep thinker about key business drivers such as how to use data to help clients as well as to make client service professionals more productive and able to scale. He played a key role in the growth of LinkedIn in EMEA from a true start-up to a major force in recruitment."

Ariel Eckstein, MD LinkedIn EMEA

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My lessons Solving Challenges

Experience has shown me that sales success comes bigger and faster when you solve the bottlenecks, focus resources and empower the team.


That means I organise data, design workflows, leverage cross-functional teams, align behaviour, and inspire teams towards a common goal.

All within the time frame you need, because there is no Q5.

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Solving Challenges

"Patrick has been an instrumental part of Syft's success. For a fast growing start-up, Patrick proved to be incredibly valuable to us, not only his expertise in ensuring we were setting our processes up correctly for scaling but also in his mentorship of our sales team."

Novo Abakare, Co-Founder Syft

Engage SiliconGrowth today.

Strategy, operations, and enablement services to beat your goals - on time!

But act now - there is no Q5

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Patrick Traynor



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